This section will allow you to calculate and compare your actual contribution, together with an abridged benefit summary, of the plan/s you are considering by completing the following steps:

Step A:   

Enter your family composition details in the section above and click NEXT

Step B:

Select the plan/s you wish to consider and click NEXT

Step C:

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Clicking on the contribution will provide you with a component breakdown that you can cross reference against the rate table.

Adult Dependant Warning:

Please note that the calculation does not cater for any scheme changes for schemes such as Discovery Health where a differentiation is made between Qualifying Adult Dependants and Non-Qualifying Adult Dependants

Qualifying Adult Dependants are classified as:

  • spouses
  • ex-spouses
  • common-law spouses
  • full-time students up to the age of 25 or
  • disabled child dependants over the age of 21
  • Late Joiner Penalties:

    Please note that these rates are the standard Scheme rates and do not take into account any Late Joiner Penalties (LJP) that may be applied to an applicant or to the adult dependant of an applicant older than age 35. Depending on the number of years they have not belonged to a registered South African medical scheme, an additional penalty (a percentage of the contribution) will be added to the member's monthly contribution, as shown in the table below:

    Penalty bands Maximum penalty
    1 to 4 years 0,05 X contributions
    5 to 14 years 0,25 X contributions
    15 to 24 years 0,5 X contributions
    25+ years 0,75 X contributions

    The LJP is calculated as follows: A = B minus (35 + C)
    A = the number of years in the first column
    B = the age of the applicant at the time of application
    C = the number of years of creditable cover.


    Please complete the following member details:

    Please do not add Spouse or Principal Member to the Adults number.

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      Adults (Age 21+)
      Children (Age <21)
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